Your Smart specialist

As the owner of a Smart, we know you want to keep your vehicle looking its best.  At Splash N Dash Car Wash & Laundry in Bentonville we’re here to help.  You can trust your vehicle’s care to our modern technology and equipment.

Smart is renowned for comfort and features.  Splash N Dash Car Wash & Laundry in Bentonville is the preferred Smart car wash facility.  Weekly car washes are a great way to ensure that your Smart is clean, cared for and fun to drive.

Your Smart is in great hands at Splash N Dash Car Wash & Laundry in Bentonville.

Splash N Dash Car Wash & Laundry in Bentonville is your Smart specialist.

Splash N Dash Car Wash & Laundry in Bentonville also services the needs of Little Flock, Rogers.

Smart Automobile(often called Smart Car) is an automotive branch of Daimler AG that specializes in manufacturing microcars. It is headquartered in Böblingen, Germany and has its main factory in Hambach, France. Its vehicles are marketed as smart, in all lower-case, with a brand logo that incorporates a letter "c" for "compact" and an arrow for "forward thinking".

The design concept for smart cars began in the late 1980s, associated at the time with the Swatch brand of watches. After a period of backing by Volkswagen, the first model was finally launched by Daimler-Benz in October 1998. Several variants on the original design have been introduced, with the original design, called the Fortwo, now in its second generation and available as an electric version.

Smart models are marketed globally, including in Asia, North and South America, Australia and in Europe — and have been the basis for conversions and design modifications by third parties, including electric conversions and performance upgrades. Brabus tuned production models are widely available.